Texas Bail Bond Forms

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I entered my login information, but the login screen shows that it is thinking and does not allow me to proceed to the next screen.  Why?

Are you using an older version of Windows Internet Explorer?  There is a known issue with older versions of this browser.  You can try updating to the most current version of the browser.  It has been reported that the login works with the most recent version.  However, it is recommended that you consider using another browser such as Google Chrome which is more secure and seems to work well.  If you use Safari, you may experience issues with the .pdf forms.  If so try using Google Chrome.

Why no more emails?

We have upgraded our forms so that you can make the changes you need and immediately print the form.  Therefore, there is no need for emails anymore.  Under the old structure, anytime Google updated something, then we would be forced to search the numerous individual forms to try to locate the one form that was not working because it needed to be updated.  Also, some updates shut down the entire website.  With this new system.  This will no longer be an issue.

Why is this Site Members Only?

This is intended to be a benefit of the membership of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas.  Membership is currently open to everyone, but in the future, it will only be available to active members of the association.